Bi-level Topstitch Foot

This interesting little foot works quite well on binding quilts. A new type of foot where the bottom edges are not level. This helps when the fabrics you are sewing aren’t the same height. I am using it for binding quilts although there must be many other uses.

When I first tried this foot, I thought it was backwards but of course, it was just me. It is designed to allow the bulk of the quilt to be on the left side of the machine.

The two quilts that I bound with this foot are going to be used a lot and needed a strong edge. Not being sure of my sewing skills, I sewed the binding to the wrong side and then wrapped it to the right side, where I could see I was sewing in the correct spot.

My first quilt, was a double side baby blanket, one side flannel and one side cotton fabric without any batting. I sewed the binding to the wrong side and brought the binding to the top side and sewed in place. Did the back look as good as the front? No, but it wasn’t to bad. If you are off it’s important to use a thread color to match your backing. The second one was good on both sides.

The last picture shows both side of the quilt which look the the same of both side.

For Creative Vision Users: The 6.2 menu for specialty feet has lots of stitches that work with this foot. I used the 6.2.1 but I think next time I will adjust the stitch or select another one.

It helps to sew on the edge of the binding, not the quilt as that will make the back and front of the quilt match. This isn’t for heirloom quilts but it will work for everyday quilts that will get a lot of use. Please post if you have thoughts about this foot.

Happy Sewing (Hi Son)

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