Pfaff Creative Vision Toggle Icon

Creative Vision (from here out known as the CV) has a wonderful Icon button. Just in case someone reading this doesn’t know what a toggle icon is I will try and explain. (It is icon that will change from one function to another and then back again as it is touched.) Kind of cute really.

We have one on the CV, although I must admit I have used this machine for quite a while and didn’t know it was there. I will try and explain.

The first picture shows a straight stitch with the width button on the left and the length button on the right. We know on a straight stitch, then if we change the width button, we are moving the needle position, as there isn’t any width to a straight stitch.

Picture #2 shows the zig zag stitch 1.1.5 at it’s default size. We also know we can change the width by using the left hand button.

But now look at picture #3. It shows the same stitch, same size but it’s position has changed. The stitch will sew closer to the right, as the stitch has been moved closed to the right which will sew closer to the right edge of the pressure foot. Look closely and you can see that the width button is pushed in and now shows a different icon. So by touching and toggling back and forth on decorative stitches, we have the option to not only change the width but also where it stitches. How fun………
Toggle Switch Pushed In

Maybe we have more of these but I’m not sure. Help anyone?

It’s Sunday night and my son may be checking to see if I am posting to this site so I must hurry and get something going.

Oh yes, Happy Sewing, and Carl enjoyed watching the race last night.