Quick Quick Hem

Have you ever needed to hem jeans or cuffs and know it will be hard, if not impossible to replicate the hem. This technique commonly used on jeans also works well for other ready made items. The jacket below was made with french terry.Tuck folded to take up the extra lenght in sleeve.

To do this technique, you will be making a tuck above the hem and sewing the tuck right above the hem that was on the original garment. The tuck is folded into the sleeve and checked to see if the new length is correct.



Baste the tuck together being careful  to only baste the tuck.  If you are fearless you can try just pinning. 

Sew The Tuck




Trim the fabric that you have tucked and finish the raw edges.  If it is a knit,it isn’t necessary to finish the raw edge.

Final Hem


The original hem is the still there.  That is the stitching that is visible.  It is a cover stitch but part of the sleeve blocks the view