Bed Sizes

Sewing a quilt, making sheets, bedspreads?  This chart will help you determine the size for your project.

Mattress Sizes

Crib Mattress Size: 28″ x 52″

Twin Mattress Size (Single): 39″ x 75″

Full Mattress Size (Double): 54″ x 75″

Long Twin Mattress Size: 36″ x 80″

  • Most beds in college dorms have long twin mattresses

Queen Mattress Size: 60″ x 80″

King Mattress: 76″ x 80″

California King Mattress Size: 72″ x 84″


There are so many different sizes for finished quilts  that it can be confusing.  To determine the finished size quilt that you would like try the following:

            For the Width:

                      Take the width of the mattress and add the amount of 

                       drop  you would like on each size (x2). 

            For the length start with

                       length of the mattress plus the drop of the foot of the

                       bed.    Add the amount you would like at the head of the

                       bed.   If  you want to tuck  your quilt into the pillows you

                      will need to add amount 10 inches.

This will get you a finished quilt measurement.  Some quilts are square and other are rectangles and the sizes that I find for finished quilts vary a lot.