Vinyl Patterns

Want to make a pattern that will last. Do all patterns need to last? Of course not, but sometimes we use a pattern many times. Your favorite purse patterns, craft patterns as well as favorite clothing patterns are candidates.

In the latest issue of Threads Magazine there was a hint about making patterns from see through vinyl that is used to cover tables. After a little shopping I selected the cheapest vinyl at JoAnn’s and started my experiment. It wasn’t labeled as a table cover, just vinyl. Great timing as I was about to trace a pattern from a pair of Dockers pants that fit me and I wanted a pattern I could use.

It is best to lay the vinyl on top of the pattern or garment you are tracing as the vinyl sticks and hold down the garment or pattern. I used a black Sharpie Ultra fine point to trace on the vinyl. It stayed on the vinyl without smearing. I also tried Sharpie in different colors and all smeared. In fact the Sharpie black Ultra Fine was that only marker that worked without smearing. Just check that your marker doesn’t smear before tracking.

When cutting out your pattern don’t cut on the black lines. Cut close but don’t cut them off. Your vinyl pattern will be hard to see if the black lines are gone.

I like to roll the vinyl pattern up rather than fold. When it’s time to use again there’s no need to iron. Just smooth it over your fabric and it clings to the fabric.

In anyone find a color marker or pen that doesn’t smear I would love to know. It would be nice to mark different areas different colors especially where you added to the pattern for fitting etc.

Happy Sewing

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