Scarfs For Sale

Scarfs pictured below are $9 each which includes shipping to the lower 48 states. They are long infinity scarfs which go around the models head twice.

I will take Paypal or checks after clearing.

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2 Responses to “Scarfs For Sale”

  1. Awesome! I want to make some of these. Thanks for sharing! I’ve made a bunch of gifts this year- a mensesger bag for my brother, a steelers throw for my brother in law, a set of reusable bags for my sister, a purse for my other sister, a fleece ruffly skirt for my sister in law, and a fleece housecoat for my mom. Still deciding about pj pants for my dad and a blanket for my daugther.

  2. They are fun to do and easy. Depending on the material the yardage will vary.